Are We Ready for MOOCs and other MOBILE LEARNING

Integration between courses, MOOC providers, Universities and
businesses will be key for MOOC’s to continue their popularity and growth

So, What is a MOOC ??
(from Wikipedia)

massive open online course (MOOC) is a category of online course where the participants are distributed and course materials also are dispersed across the web. As of August 2012, MOOCs are a very recent variant of online education, which itself is a form of distance education.

MOOCs are open and one of their main features has been the level of connection and collaboration by participants online. The positive learning experience is at the heart of these learning events. The best known MOOCs are CCK08, PLENK2010, DS106, which had multiple facilitators. The most recent developments in MOOCs digress from this collaborative development and resemble more traditional courses. They allow for a single teacher to teach tens or hundreds of thousands of students. Researchers of MOOCs put question marks by the pedagogies and teaching strategies used in this model of MOOCs as they follow a traditional top-down teaching approach that is not valued in the initial MOOCs because of their connective nature. Even though the new MOOCs are open, the technologies used and the lack of human contact involved in their participation might negatively affect the quality of the learning experience. However, they have received extensive publicity as they seem to make e-learning scalable and might make it profitable. They are offered by such organizations as CourseraMITx and Udacity, with courses offered such universities as Stanford University, the California Institute of TechnologyPrinceton University and others, which has attracted attention. The courses do however not offer the same level of credits and recognition that traditional courses from these institutions award to paying students.

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