Are Books an Endangered Medium …. don’t think so; but Tablets and eBooks (and eTextbooks) are having an effect!

by Kristin Marino | September 18, 2012

Nooks, Kindles, iPads…oh my! Whatever happened to paperback and hardbacks?! They’re still here, but according to one source, people who own e-readers are reading more than they might otherwise, as reflected in rising e-book sales. As a result, e-reader sales continue to increase. According to one study conducted in early 2012, 13% of those surveyed said the would likely to purchase an e-reader in the next six months. And it seems as if people from all walks of life are getting in on the act. While new technology use can sometimes vary according to age group, this doesn’t seem to be the case with e-reader use.

Could e-books eventually make good old fashioned books obsolete? Probably not. One reason? For now, only 20% of e-reader owners say that the e-content want is always available. What’s more, sometimes nothing beats the look and feel of a physical book, especially where kids are concerned. After all, you can’t really “Pat the Bunny” if he’s behind a touch screen. At least not yet. But the number of people using e-readers is growing. Learn more about the need to e-read.

The Rise of eReading: Are Books Going to Become an Endangered Species?
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