It’s [in] Our Interest

It’s Our Interest: The Need to Reduce Student Loan Interest Rates
Re Blogged with Permission from Campus Progress

“As we move forward with improving the educational system for those currently or about to enroll in higher education, it is important to not leave behind the tens of millions of Americans who still possess student debt.”

Just a few of the advantages to refinancing student debt:

  1. Lower student loan delinquency rates; will yield,
  2. Students and post graduate CITIZENS who will qualify for home loans, car loans, and other incentives; that will,
  3. Generate demand for products and services; and,
  4. Create jobs in the medium term and long term
  5. Lowering rates will also inject billions into the economy now in the hands of consumers who will spend; creating more demand and creating jobs; for,
  6. The very students that went to school in order to qualify for the jobs of the future.

Campus Progress copy

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