Educational and social hurdles for MOOCs

Interesting analysis of the affect MOOCs have on retention and student success. Not addressed are logistical issues. The proliferation of alternative course distribution models create SILOs of Academic achievement and activity data that students must track. One platform is required to enable students ease of use, consistency and portability.


The big buzz word in education today is MOOC and a lot of people see it as a big threat to higher education. Recently Dave Cormier predicted that MOOCs will kill Higher Education in a couple of years time. Others like William G. Bowen point at what we must retain when we start using more online learning in universities. So I decided to look at some of the educational and social hurdles MOOCs still have to overcome before they are a threat to Higher Education.

As a starting point to write about the hurdles that MOOCs still have to overcome I take the model from Vincent Tinto‘s book “Leaving College: Rethinking the Causes and Cures of Student Attrition“. The model will not be explained in full as most educators will be familiar with it. The book itself is not available online but Ian McCubbin wrote a good Examination of…

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