A Few Crazy College Fees That Are Driving Education Online


Howard University sneaks in a $100 “globalization fee” to fund international travel, regardless of whether students study abroad. Another school charges $185 for an “undergraduate entering fee”, reports ProPublica. “It’s all smoke and mirrors in some ways, the issue of tuition and fees,” admits Terry Meyers to, an English professor at the College of William and Mary. It’s these insanely high costs of college that are driving higher education online at a crazy fast pace.


College tuition has increased a mind-boggling 1,210% in 30 years. According to the College Board, the average debt of college graduates is a whopping $13,600, growing at 2.1% beyond inflation since 2005. Compounding the problem is a mountain of hidden fees. In the Oregon university system, fees added as much as 40% to tuition costs, as of 2007. At the University of Massachusetts Amherst, students pay:

  • a $675 “service fee”
  • $47 in “activities fees”
  • a…

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