Yep, Facebook Ads Are Better With Social Context (According To A Salesforce ‘Benchmark’ Report)

“We share Facebook’s vision that advertising must be re-organized around people”

TechCrunch is releasing what it calls The Facebook Ads Benchmark Report, which shows how Facebook ads performed on Salesforce’s social advertising service

As the name implies, the report’s main purpose is to let businesses see how their ads stack up against the average, so to a certain extent, it’s basically a data dump — and I’ll try to highlight some of the more interesting data in a second. At the same time, since Facebook announced last week that it’s going to be consolidating and eliminating many of its ad units, focusing too much on the granularity of one unit versus another can seem like it misses the bigger picture.

In fact, Michael Lazerow, chief marketing officer for the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (and the co-founder of Salesforce-acquired Buddy Media), said there’s a bigger theme emerging, one that will remain relevant as the specific ad units change.

“We share Facebook’s…

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