MOOCs & Higher Education’s Two Solitudes

Higher Ed Management

I grew up in Quebec – Canada’s predominantly French-language province. But my neighbourhood was inhabited almost entirely by English speaking families. And my clan – with it’s UK-origins – fit right in.

The sharp divide between the French and English in Quebec has faded somewhat since I moved away. But at the time, the divide felt “natural” as these sorts of things often do when we know of no other way.twosolitudes

Author Hugh McLennan depicted the divide between Canada’s french and english in his novel Two Solitudes, and although his novel is more than half a century old, the phrase “two solitudes” remains in use. In fact, Canadians will use it occasionally to describe any two groups – not just English and French-Canadians – who somehow manage to live in close proximity, but have little understanding of each other.

Two Solitudes came to mind recently when speaking with a…

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