Education Myths From Edudemic

18 Education Myths Worth Seeing

  • More Homework Means More Learning
  • More Money Means Better Schools
  • The Myth of Insurmountable Problems
  • Test Scores Are Related To Economic Competitiveness
  • Schools Alone Can Close The Achievement Gap
  • Private and Charter Schools Are Educating Kids Better
  • Teachers Are Clueless About The Content They Are Teaching
  • The “Teacher-Proof Myth”
  • Our Teachers Work Less And Get Paid More
  • Unions Defend Poor Teachers
  • Student Achievement Has Been Deteriorating For Decades
  • Teachers Are Solely Responsible For Learning
  • The Disadvantaged Don’t Have The Same Capacity To Learn
  • Schools Don’t Matter
  • Small Classes Would Produce Big Improvements
  • Teacher Preparation Matters Little For Student Achievement
  • Most Teachers Don’t Care
  • Credentials And Experience Don’t Matter. Only Content Knowledge Does


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