Unfamiliar Territory

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Why SIS gets a failing grade in enrollment management. 

GUEST COLUMN | by Martin Lind 

CREDIT VelocifyAccording to a recent New York Times article, enrollment numbers for 2012-2013 dropped two percent from the previous year, the first significant decrease since the 1990s. Though those declining numbers will not likely affect top tier schools, less popular traditional schools may soon be forced into the unfamiliar position of competing for students. A number of potential pitfalls await traditional schools being pushed into this unfamiliar territory. This is especially true when it comes to the enrollment management tools required to compete effectively. For many schools, the default tool is their Student Information System (SIS), a common catch-all for everything.

While an SIS is good at a lot of things, when it comes to enrollment management in the current – and worsening – recruiting environment, a school needs every advantage and “good” may not…

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