Salesforce Debuts Its Answer To Amazon’s Mayday: An SOS Button For Mobile App Support

This would have so much more value if the ‘SOS’ redirected me to one of my trusted Chatter, fb, Twitter followers and/or LinkedIn contacts as one of the options. The last place I want to go as a customer regardless of the technology is ‘customer support’. Food for thought?


Salesforce has poured a lot of investment into social and mobile products to make sure that its suite of cloud-based CRM services continues to find audiences where consumers are engaging online the most these days. Today it unveiled the latest move in that direction, Salesforce1 Service Cloud SOS — Service SOS for short — one-touch live video support and on-screen guided assistance for businesses that want to incorporate Amazon Mayday -style buttons so that users can talk with support agents when they have questions or problems with an app.

Salesforce says the SOS button will enter a private beta in the second half of 2014, with prices announced at general availability (the existing Salesforce1 Service Cloud starts at $65 per user per month). The SOS button, for now, is being targeted specifically at iOS and Android native apps.

Salesforce names several companies that were already using its Service Cloud products, such as

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