15 facts about the modern college student


According to information gleaned from Mashable, Pew Internet, The Chronicle, Science Daily, Campus Tech, and many more reputable sources, Presta reveals these 12 facts about the modern college student:


College Students and Technology: Co-Dependent

1. 73 percent of college students (sample size of 500) said they cannot study without technology.
2. 38 percent of college students cannot go 10 minutes without checking their eMail, tablet, laptop or smartphone.
3. 70 percent of students use keyboards to take notes.
4. 65 percent use digital devices to create presentations.
5. 91 percent of students used eMail to communicate with professors.
6. 98 percent of students who own an eReader read eTextbooks.

Student Tech Spending

7. Students spent $13 billion on electronics in 2009.
8. Digital textbooks cost approximately 40 percent less than printed textbooks.
9. Retailers are selling $400 netbooks used by students primarily for term papers and note-taking.

Location of Present and Future Learning

10. 12 million college students currently take one or more classes online. This figure is expected to exceed 22 million in 5 years.
11. In 2014: 5.14 million students will take classes in physical classroom; 3.55 million will take all classes online; and 18.65 million will take some classes online.

Other Fun Facts

12. Community college students are less reliant on digital tools than 4-year college students and graduate students.
13. Slowly but surely, the notepad is going away and the iPad is taking over in lecture halls across America. With this technology comes hundreds of tech tools and apps for the modern college student.
14. Undergraduate and graduate students (18–24 years) have the fastest internet connections among age groups.
15. College students tune down the tech when studying for final exams in the library.


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