Wi-Fi Upgrade


E-rate presents schools with new opportunities — and requirements. 

GUEST COLUMN | by Bruce Miller

CREDIT XirrusOn July 11, the FCC approved $2 billion to upgrade the wireless networks in schools across the country. This funding couldn’t have come at a better time. The influx of devices coming to campuses coupled with increased 1:1 programs and new technology-centric pedagogy places massive burdens on aging wireless infrastructures. Conversations about outfitting children with laptops and iPads, etc., are commonplace, but not so much are the discussions around the decidedly less thrilling connectivity infrastructure needed to support these devices. This is why the FCC’s most recent funding initiative is so crucial. Upgrades to Wi-Fi infrastructure are critical for mobile devices to yield any benefits to students.

Many administrators and IT staff are not aware of the bandwidth requirements for classrooms with 1:1 devices.

Currently, the increasing number of student devices on campuses is…

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