Engaging Millennials


Five ways to interest the next generation in training and development courses.

GUEST COLUMN | by Mike Broderick

CREDIT Turning TechnologiesAs school teachers have long known and employers have discovered more recently, effectively engaging Millennials in a learning environment involves greater levels of interactivity than the learning techniques used with prior generations. But as they enter the workforce in even greater numbers, it’s important to tailor training and development programs to engage Millennials, which are the largest generation in US history at almost 80 million strong.

Like the Baby Boomers and Gen Xers who preceded them, Millennials have distinct generational characteristics. Savvy learning and development professionals can identify these traits and design lesson plans around them to strengthen workplace training programs. Since Millennials grew up online and are likely to be in constant communication with peers via social media, one of their chief characteristics is the value they place on interactivity.


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