Tech Corner: Engaging Students in a Whole New Way: Cornell’s College of Agriculture & Life Sciences’ New Technology Has Students Chatting

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EACE Blog contribution by Nadia Dovi, Assistant Director, Cornell University’s Engineering Co-op & Career Services

Students receive A LOT of emails, an overwhelming number, really.  I didn’t realize this until I found a lost cellphone on campus and opened the email inbox to try to identify the owner.  I must have scrolled through 20+ messages from various Cornell listservs before finding a personal email.  In a recent survey, 25% of our students reported receiving 10-15 university-related emails on a given day.  And while we’d like to think that students spend considerable time reading our painstakingly crafted, time-sensitive, “high priority” emails, the reality is, they aren’t.  Students don’t read their emails, at least, not all of them.  Recently, one of our students admitted that when he wakes up in the morning, he opens his email and marks all of his messages as read without reading a single one!

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