IoT in Education

Yet another example of how #IoT will change the way students experience their education

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Exploring the evolving potential for digital learning.

GUEST COLUMN | by Perry Correll

CREDIT XirrusYou simply can’t get away from the Internet of Things (IoT). Gartner predicts there will be 25 million connected “things” in use by 2020. The news sensationalizes the impact IoT will have on all of our lives and the “paradigm” shift it is generating – equal to, if not exceeding that of the Internet. But in reality, what truly matters is how this shift addresses our specific needs.

It is very easy to envision how IoT capabilities can be used in STEM programs, robotics and anything having to do with gathering specific data points.

IoT’s impact was originally seen in logistics and inventory management, then surveillance and tracking. These days, however, IoT can provide benefits to almost any market. One that is proving to be impactful is education. IoT technology is bolstering education to bring about an…

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