Fresh Take On The Skills Gap

GREAT POST by Lisa Tenorio (@lisa10orio) of @salesforce

Students and jobseekers ‘skilling up’ with flexible bootcamps.

GUEST COLUMN | by Lisa Tenorio

Dev BootcampFor recent college graduates, the task of finding a job, particularly one that’s in their desired area, is a daunting one. But in today’s digital economy, new job hunters are facing an uphill battle – even with college degrees and solid work experience on their resume. In 2015, underemployment for young college grads reached a staggering 45 percent. In today’s competitive job market, job seekers need more than just a college degree to set them apart. Many companies look for students with specific certifications or trainings, such as Google AdWords. In fact,  the gap that results from job seekers’ credentials and experience not meeting company’s wants and needs is draining $1.3 trillion from the U.S. economy per year.

In fact, 21 percent of employers today do not feel that colleges are doing enough to prepare students…

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