Allow Users of the Same Group the Ability to Delete Each Other’s Records

Jenwlee's Salesforce Blog

In a public read/write sharing model, if a user can view the record and has delete permissions for the object, the user can delete the record. However, what if the company’s business model allows for the ability to read/write but they only want certain users to delete each other’s records, not everyone?

Or, your company has a private sharing model. While a user may have read/write ability to the record via sharing rules, the user cannot delete the someone else’s record unless the user is the record owner, the manager of the owner or you have Modify All permissions for the object or Modify All Data system permissions.

Bear with me. I’m going to get on my soapbox for a couple of minutes…

We should really avoid granting Modify All for the object, and only grant those “super powers” to those selected users in your Salesforce org, such as your…

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