Gone Data Gone


Three ways higher ed can protect students, faculty, and staff data.

GUEST COLUMN | by Vijay Ramanathan

CREDIT Code42The computer’s data is gone. Just thinking about such a data disaster can cause hearts to race in higher education students, faculty and staff—and create a sinking feeling in the stomachs of the IT professionals responsible for helping them deal with such disasters. The causes for data disasters vary: a hard drive crash, a laptop left on a bus or stolen from a dining hall, ransomware that locks a student out of his or her computer. But the result is the same—hours or even days spent trying to recover or recreate lost files, up to and including valuable or even irreplaceable laboratory research, papers, student records, and other data.

Now it’s time to turn awareness into action by empowering university users to protect their data.

The increased media attention around…

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