If I Were A Student Using OneNote in 2016

Brick by Brick---The Coach's Corner

While I may not be able to remember each and every day of my four years in high school in the late 80’s and early 90’s, I do have a very vivid memory to this day of how I found wonderful success in some classes, while also struggling mightily in others. Most of the rules of High School I figured out very early on and was subsequently able to use them to my academic advantage on most occasions. But recently, while reflecting on putting another school year as an Educator in the books, I tried to put myself in my students’ shoes to better understand their experiences, strengths, challenges and much more. What I came away with was a realization that I desperately wish I were a student in 2016 using OneNote….

CUE WAYNE’S WORLD DREAM SEQUENCE…doodely-do, doodely-do, doodely-do…..

If I were a student using OneNote in 2016, I would have absolutely…

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