Flexible Reality


How higher ed can avoid the IT/analytics ‘lock-in’ with three demands to vendors.

GUEST COLUMN | by Timothy D. Harfield

CREDIT Blackboard AnalyticsIn a recentFuture Trends Forum discussion with Bryan Alexander, George Siemens expressed concern about lock-in: a situation in which technology investments become so integrated with the business practices of an institution that disentanglement becomes all but impossible. Where hyper-rationalized approaches to data-driven decision-making come together with inflexible technological ecosystems characterized by a lack of interoperability, what we end up with is a dystopian future in which colleges and universities are unable to change their investments. “Once you integrate your learning systems with your business practice systems, you don’t change anymore. When was the last time someone changed their

How can institutions invest in technology, while at the same time avoiding lock-in and preserving the agility they need to promote the success of their students under conditions of constant…

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