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“… And I have become convinced that the most revolutionary force for change is the students themselves. Give children [students] the tools they need and they will be the single most important source of guidance on how to make the schools relevant and effective” Don Tapscott, 1999

Proliferation of alternative education distribution models (MOOCs, On Line courses, HybridsStudy Abroad and others) have created SILOs of academic activity and achievement data that students must track. Built upon the salesforce.com force.com platform, studentforce is a 100% NATIVE & 100% DECLARATIVE platform extension designed to serve student users. By providing students access as full PLATFORM users they will no doubt encourage exponential adoption among themselves while inspiring Higher Ed to implement platform solutions for challenges faculty and business users face daily.

There exists no other intuitively qualified user group than students to spark Higher Education’s [r]evolution into the cloud through the intelligent use of SaaS [studentforce] + Collaboration [Chatter] + Mobile. By leveraging tools students currently use and are easily accessed now through any connected device, students manage day-to-day activities, track assignments and projects, organize career and financial related endeavors and collaborate with faculty, staff, and one another.


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