One of the most powerful, yet least used features of Salesforce : Email To Salesforce


Well, this is an out-of-the-box functionality that salesforce provides, in case you have not heard about it before.

This functionality allows you to capture the emails that you send from third party email clients and store them on your salesforce orgs as Activity records associated against the Contacts or Leads. So, how does this functionality work ? I will walk you through configuring up the functionality in this post.

Before we begin, where do you think this functionality might help you ?

If you are working in an enterprise and if you have all the people that you interact with on a daily basis, stored as either contacts or leads in your salesforce org, then this feature will record all the email communications that happen between you and your contacts. So suppose you send an email to person A with email id as “” with BCC to an email id…

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Cloud Technology Can Lift the Fog Over Higher Education


This post was originally published by The Chronicle of Higher Education and written by Gordon Freedman.  It appears here with the author’s permission. Gordon is president of the nonprofit National Laboratory for Education Transformation. Mr. Freedman previously served as vice president for global education strategy at Blackboard.

By Gordon Freedman

Featured Image -- 2498We are now more than a decade into the 21st century. Much has changed in terms of how we use online and mobile technology to interact with one another, learn about world events, look up facts, or share who we are with everyone else online. However, for all the innovations that new technologies have brought to consumer affairs, business, entertainment, and government, one sector of society—education—remains stubbornly planted in the 20th century.

Our colleges and schools continue to operate in a highly rigid world driven by a precise sense of time, a concrete place, a fixed set of roles…

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Fresh Take On The Skills Gap

GREAT POST by Lisa Tenorio (@lisa10orio) of @salesforce

Students and jobseekers ‘skilling up’ with flexible bootcamps.

GUEST COLUMN | by Lisa Tenorio

Dev BootcampFor recent college graduates, the task of finding a job, particularly one that’s in their desired area, is a daunting one. But in today’s digital economy, new job hunters are facing an uphill battle – even with college degrees and solid work experience on their resume. In 2015, underemployment for young college grads reached a staggering 45 percent. In today’s competitive job market, job seekers need more than just a college degree to set them apart. Many companies look for students with specific certifications or trainings, such as Google AdWords. In fact,  the gap that results from job seekers’ credentials and experience not meeting company’s wants and needs is draining $1.3 trillion from the U.S. economy per year.

In fact, 21 percent of employers today do not feel that colleges are doing enough to prepare students…

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The New Politics of Educational Data

A widening ideological divide emerges with powerful implications for the future of education.

GUEST COLUMN | by Bryan Alexander 

CREDIT WH.govAs winter gives way to spring in the northern hemisphere, we are witnessing the emergence of a new politics of educational data. Based on discussions I’ve conducted with leading thinkers and practitioners, I can identify two competing ideologies, with powerful implications for the future of education.

On the one hand there is a drive to reshape assessment, which we could call Testing 2.0, in the wake of general dissatisfaction with America’s No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top policies. In their place is a possible reduction of formal testing combined with increasing collection of student data throughout their schooling. Opposed to this is a nascent movement in favor of student autonomy and ownership of data as empowerment strategies.

The pro-data-gathering side would build substantial and probably centralized mechanisms…

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(1) A venture capitalist searches for the purpose of school. Here’s what he found. | | Declara


Source: (1) A venture capitalist searches for the purpose of school. Here’s what he found. | | Declara

Trends | Education is Going Mobile

Mobile Learning Report Card



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